Oft repeated commands and work flows [work in progress]

This is just a dumping ground for commands I perform all the time so that I have somewhere to look them up!

Convert tophat bam file into a sorted sam file for htseq-count

#if used tophat should be already sorted
samtools view -h tophat_sorted.bam > tophat_sorted.sam

#if need to sort before conver (output tophat_sorted.bam)
samtools sort tophat.bam tophat_sorted


wc -l seq_file.fas #count lines
grep -c '>' seq_file.fas #count seqs in fasta file
ls -l #permissions and file size
ls -lh #above with human format for sizes
chmod a+wx #add read write permissions to all
chmod 755 #read and execute for user/world
chmod -R 755 #change all files in folder
tail -n 400 #last 400 lines
tail -n +400 #from 400 to end
history | grep "command" #search history for commands
#sed prints to screen, redirect or us -i for inplace
#print a specific line (100) using sed -n just shows that line
sed -n -e '100d' test.txt
#delete a specfic line (line 1000) from a file and backup original
sed -i.bak -e '1000d' file.txt
#delete lines
sed -i.bak -e '1d,10d
#removes line 10 to 20 INCLUSIVE ie 11 lines
sed -i -e '10,20d' test.txt
#remove line 10, lines 15-20, line 100
sed -i -e '10d;15,20d;100d' test.txt
#convert fastq to fasta file!(effecient)[p is print]
sed -n '1~4 s/^@/>/p;2~4p' seq.fq > seq.fas
#get the md5 checksum of a folder
find FOLDER/ -type f -exec md5sum {} \; | sort -k 34 | md5sum > md5.txt

Htseq-count -s flag turn off stranded union is default

htseq-count -s no -m union tophat_sorted.sam > sample_counts.txt


v #visual
p #paste
# find word at hash
yy #yank word or line
d #delete line
wq #save and close
ma #mark a, use 'a' to goto this section
mz # mark z as above
{} #select paragraph
{d} #cut block</pre>

Python specific

pip install --upgrade packagename
#virtual env
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
deactivate venv

print "%f"%(np.mean(seq_length))
#prints 1019.662143
print "%.2f"%(np.mean(seq_length))
#prints 1019.66
print "%.1f"%(np.mean(seq_length))
#prints 1019.7 note rounding up
print "%d"%(np.mean(seq_length))
#prints 1019

#use with open('') as for automatic file closing
with open('infile.txt','r') as f:


WordPress (see text for tags)

use the following tags
in sqaure_brackets code language="css" and end with code in sqr bracktets
import sys

test = sys.argv[1]

for name in test:
    print name



Change the font family.

font = {'family' : 'normal',
        'weight' : 'bold',
        'size'   : 22}

matplotlib.rc('font', **font)

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