VIM shortcuts

Basic navigation

2h - 2 steps LEFT
H - home (top screen)
10j - 10 steps DOWN
J - join this line to the line below
{ - UP a section 
} - DOWN a section
o O - open line BELOW open line ABOVE
b - beginning of current word
w - beginning of next word
e - end of current word
$ - end of line 
^ - start of line
H - TOP of screen
L - BOTTOM of screen
v - select text
V - select line
v3j - select 3 lines DOWN

Modifying text

i - insert
a - append
dh - DELETE left
dl - DELETE right
dd - DELETE line
dw - delete word
D - DELETE to end of line
x - DEL
X - BACKSPACE - INDENT line LEFT (use visual for block) 
>> - INDENT line RIGHT  (use visual for block)
p - paste after
P - paste before
3p - paste 3 copies
yy - yank whole line
yw - yank word
y$ - yank to end of line
4yy - yank four lines
Y - yank whole line
J - join current line to next

Save Exit and help

K - HELP (bash, req select word)
ZZ- save and quit
ZQ - quite without saving
z - save


[ - enter command mode
, - leader key
v - visual
: - enter command mode
i - insert mode
a - append mode
:tabnew - open new tab
,n - left tab
,m - right tab
/ - search # press enter, then n to repeat, N repeat up 
:s/old/new/g - globally change


F2 - paste code blocks from external (press again to end)
n - remove highlight last search
,e - quit
,E - qa! quit all windows
ctl j - move to lower window
ctl k - move to upper window
ctl h - move to left window etc
,s - sort selected
f - fold code block (again to undo)
F - fold all (again to undo)
ctl space - auto complete
shift p - filesearch


:Gstatus - status / stage by "-"
:Gcommit - message 'wq' save

Cool combinations

cH, dH - copy/delete to top of screen
d3+ - delete line + 2 lines below
y3+ - copy lien + 2 lines below
d/test - delete all words 'test'

Insert breakpoint and ipdb PDB bit…


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